Buzz Audio Potion 500 Series Fet Compressor

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In contrast to our smooth sounding essence optical compressor, the Potion is a 500 Series Field Effect Transistor (FET) compressor with real attitude. The design goal here was to make a compressor that had a very fast attack on high ratio settings that can be used to really manipulate sounds with out clicks and/or overshoot - and here it is. In addition, on lower ratio setting the Potion can be an excellent leveling amplifier. As with our other matching 500 Series modules, the Potion uses Lundahl transformers and discrete True Class A amplifiers in the signal path.

A unique feature of the Potion is the Release Time Reduction (RTR) circuit in the sidechain. This circuit automatically reduces the release time of the compressor after a large peak signal (like a snare hit) which allows you to use longer release times on program material without it "grabbing". The Potion also sports a Mix control so you can blend together compressed and uncompressed signals. To pack all this into the 500 Series format meant a 2 slot module width, so as a bonus, a sidechain insert point is available via the second slot connectors.

Switch function are Bypass, Sidechain Insert enable, Link (for stereo operation with another Potion in an adjacent slot), and the Meter switch which selects Input or Output level or Gain Reduction to be displayed on the 10 segment LED meter. Rotary controls are for makeup Gain, compressor Drive and the Mix (compressed and uncompressed signal blend). Selector switches control 6 Attack setting, 6 Release settings and 4 Ratio settings. A single red LED indicastes when ther RTR circuit is active.

The Potion will physically fit all 500 Series frames and consumes 2 slot widths. The connectors associated with the first slot carry the main signal input and output. The connectors associated with the second slot carry the side chain insert send and return. The power draw of 120mA is spread over the 2 slots and within the capability of all know 500 Series racks.