JDK Audio V14 500 Series Four Band EQ

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The JDK Audio V14 is an extremely high quality, single channel 4-Band Equalizer designed for the popular API VPR500 Rack format. The eq features continuously variable adjustment of frequency and gain on dual concentric pots, with an eq in/out switch.


• 4 bands of equalization modeled after the classic APSI model 562 EQ

• Each band offers continuously variable control of frequency and gain

• 12 dB of boost/cut per band

• All 4 bands are peak/dipping parametric configuration

• Custom transformer balanced output

• High headroom +24 dB clip level

• Designed to fit API's 500 VPR Rack or Lunchbox® JDK Audio's V14 offers a single channel of professional signal equalization in the popular 500 VPR format.

Modeled after the circuitry of classic high end EQ's, the V14 delivers an affordable combination of rugged construction and solid performance. The V14 also features EQ in and out switch, plus dual concentric knobs which provide continuously variable control of boost/cut and frequency selection.