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The floorQ is basically a Joemeek Optical Compressor in a pedal. After realizing so many guitarists and bassists were playing through their studio gear, Joemeek put its sought-after compressor in a convenient guitar pedal that's more practical for live work.

The floorQ also boasts a high-impedance, JFET-input, Class-A preamplifier with an Input Level control, so even with the compressor switched out, the compression pedal makes an excellent front-end and level matcher for all types of guitar amps. Joemeek FloorQ


* Joemeek's Optical Compressor in an easy-to-gig pedal format

* Input, Slope, Output, Compress, Attack, and Release knobs

* High-impedance, JFET-input, Class-A preamplifier with an Input Level control