Spectra 1964 BB-DI DI Box

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The Spectra 1964 BB-DI is a passive direct box designed around Spectra 1964’s proprietary, custom-wound, Hi-Z, Cinemag transformer. This transformer was developed as means of achieving voltage transfer at the front end of the Spectra 1964 Model 611 circuit. It was soon discovered that it had its own merits outside of the circuit.

As a DI, the BB-DI has a very even frequency response that accurately reproduces low end without oversaturating like some DI’s. The result is 100Hz to 500hz with great harmonic clarity without being too flat or clinical. 

A custom, extruded aluminum enclosure, and molded rubber end caps make the BB-DI the perfect choice for both studio and stage. Wherever you need a durable and tonally robust DI, the BB-DI will have you covered.

Design: Passive, HI Z Input, Balanced Output, High Quality Isolation Transformer Type
Signal Loss: 26dB, Minimum
Maximum Input Level: +15dBu, -10dBm Output, (Nominal)
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz, +/- 1dB*
THD: Less than .01%, 20Hz-20kHz*
Dimension: 5”D x 3”W x 1.75”H
Weight: Less than 8 ounces

*Output Reference Level: -10dBm