Looptrotter Audio

LOOPTROTTER Audio Engineering is a company founded  in 2010 by Andrzej Starzyk in Warsaw, Poland. It comes as a result of over 10 years of research and experiments in construction of professional audio studio gear. The company encompasses passion, pursuit of music and high quality tone, as well as versatile knowledge and expertise in handling the sound, and singleness of purpose. 


Looptrotter’s main objectives are the construction of original devices giving the sound this analogue touch with warmth and saturation pleasing for both ears and soul."The combining of the best solutions of all electronic technologies: electron tubes, discrete semiconductors, integrated circuits, microcontrollers, the construction of the most versatile but first of all creative and easy-to-use devices, complementing the cold and indifferent digital technology, optimizing the signal path and meticulous selection of elements, targeting the best possibile sound, and continuous progress and perfecting the devices in terms of reliability and endurance."


Why Yellow? Looptrotter feel " in chromotherapy the yellow colour proves to have a particular, positive influence on human brain. It is believed to awaken and stimulate the mind, enhance creative thinking, and boost imagination. It helps to break through fixed notions and ideas. I’m confident, that this colour best represents the objectives of Looptrotter company."


The Looptrotter Satur-8 and Sa2rate saturation units and the Monster compressor are a perfect representation of this ethos.