Triad-Orbit started searching for inspiration from other industries to find a suitable replacement for the basic stand, but everything was either too similar or not robust and adaptable enough to become the new standard; it became obvious that they were going to have to reinvent this new stand system from the ground up. The result was: Triad® Advanced Tripod Stands, Orbit® Orbital Booms, Micro® Adapters, and IO® Quick-Change Couplers.

In just 7 short years since its inception, Triad-Orbit has garnered awards from all across the audio, photo/video and multi media industries, including numerous awards such as NAMM 2014 “Best In Show” and NAMM 2016 Technical Excellence and Creativity (TEC AWARD), InfoCOMM 2017 “Best In Show”, and praise from many of the top recording, broadcast, and media production professionals, engineers, technicians and creative enthusiasts alike – it is indeed revolutionary.