Amphion FlexBase 25 Stereo Bass Extension and Management System with 600 watt amplifier

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Nailing the lowest octave-settings and translating it precisely from a studio to any listening situation is the foremost challenge for any contemporary music production. The fragmented playback environment demands extreme precision in the process of music creation and sound editing, especially when it comes to modern, bass-heavy production.

A single mono subwoofer is part of a movie format, but Amphion does not believe it is good enough to be used in music production. In music, it is necessary to keep the stereo information throughout the whole frequency band. Amphion’s FlexBase25 presents you with an unconventional approach to subwoofer design that should fit especially well with the rapidly changing landscape of modern music-making and will satisfy even the most demanding producers or sound engineers.

FlexBase is a single box, stereo base extension system, which is placed in the centre line between the main speakers. Wide adjustment possibilities over crossover frequency (35-260 Hz), subwoofer level, as well as the mono-stereo spread, allow FlexBase to address the needs of a rapidly changing landscape of modern music-making. With a turn of a few dials, the system can be adapted to what best works for the project an engineer is working on.

FlexBase25 can be fat, fun, and vibey when writing and producing. It will be precise, correct, and analytical when putting the finishing touches on a song or a film score. The system will allow you to continue to use your monitors for a narrower midrange view, as FlexBase25 can be bypassed. It works with all Amphion products. Pair it with One12, One15, Two15 or One18 for a smaller room full range system or place it with behind the console while keeping your One18, Two15 or Two18 on the meter bridge.

* Variable crossover frequency allows changing the flavour of the system to match the specifics of the various production tasks.

* Mono/stereo spread adjustment to ensure precise system-integration, even when higher crossover points are used.

* Fast and simple-to-set-up, easily adapting to a large variety of projects and acoustic environments.


Operating principle:  One way closed box, stereo

Drivers:  2 x 25 cm / 10” aluminium

Crossover:  Active 4th-order @ 35-260 Hz

Max SPL:  117dB

Frequency response:  20 Hz – 260 Hz +/-3dB (low pass)
                                 35 Hz – 200 kHz +/-3dB (high pass)
Weight: 50 kg / 110 lb


Flex Amp Specifications:

Output power:  600W RMS into 4 Ω @ 1% THD

Distortion:  @ 1W: 0,003% (100 Hz)

Distortion:  @100W: 0,006% (100 Hz)

Signal to noise ratio:  93dB @ 1W

Efficiency:  85% @ full power (230V operation)

Weight:  5 kg / 11 lb

Handmade in Finland