Black Lion Audio Bluey Limiting Amplifier

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A Blue classic — re-envisioned for today.

Happy accidents can’t be planned; they happen on their own. And sometimes those magic moments hit the gear themselves.

Recording engineer to the stars, Chris Lord-Alge, depends on a rack of original Blue Stripe limiters, but there’s been one little issue: one of them has a certain magic that the others don’t. That’s why Black Lion sent our team to study Bluey and learn what made this unit so special.

The diagnosis: years of “happy accidents” and odd-fixes were made just to keep it working — but had accidentally created  a monster 1176. Black Lion analyzed Bluey in exacting detail to recreate this beast of a limiter, and now we’re bringing it to you. Black Lion Audio’s Bluey: engineered and built in the USA.


Blue is the new gold.

Legendary mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge’s record credits are endless — as endless as his love for his 1176 Blue Stripe units. Out of all of them (and he owns quite a few), one unit stuck out with a certain mojo that the others just didn’t quite have. He named this prized 1176 “Bluey”.

Chris desired more channels of this golden unit, and reached out to the guys who know modifications best – the team at Black Lion Audio! Intrigued by Chris’s praise of the unit, head design engineer, Jesus Ortiz, boarded a plane from Chicago to LA to discover what gave this Blue Stripe its edge. He found a series of mods done to the unit over the years to keep it working that miraculously cumulated in a uniquely beast-like 1176! BLA analyzed the unit with pain-staking detail, and worked closely with Chris Lord-Alge to recreate Bluey.


New features, new sounds.

To get the exacting detail that Chris Lord-Alge has enjoyed from the original Bluey, we not only used custom Cinemag transformers, we actually recreated his console’s insert path and built it right into Bluey — giving everyone the same console feel!

But we didn’t stop there: We also added an active wet/dry mix for easy parallel compression, as well as a stereo link!

Bluey was designed with a vintage-inspired PCB layout,  1% resistors, polyester capacitors, and a linear power supply — meaning that Bluey is built to last! And like all Black Lion products, Bluey is hand assembled and tested in the USA.

Features :

  • A recreation of Chris Lorde-Alge’s most prized 1176 — used on every lead vocal he mixes
  • Cinemag remake of original UTC transformer
  • Wet/Dry mix knob allows for parallel compression not available on the original
  • Stereo-linkable
  • Input and Output buffering taken directly from Chris Lorde-Alge’s console inserts
  • Hand assembled and tested in the USA