Blue Microphones enCore 100 Dynamic Microphone

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Hear your music’s full potential with enCORE 100—the studio-grade dynamic microphone that reproduces your voice exactly as you hear it. Achieve true-to-life sound for live vocals, studio tracking, broadcast & more with a proprietary hand-tuned dynamic capsule & be heard clearly with a cardioid polar pattern that delivers impressive off-axis rejection & high SPL handling. The enCORE 100 comes with a new all-black finish plus an additional chrome mic grille, so you can customize the look to your application. You’ve tried other mics—now hear how you should sound with enCORE 100.

enCORE 100 stands head & shoulders above traditional-sounding live mics. With a proprietary dynamic capsule custom-tuned for exceptional detail & clarity, & internal copper windings wound for optimal frequency response, enCORE 100 pulls the blanket off your sound so the audience can hear your voice in clear, detailed quality. And if public speaking is your game, enCORE 100 maximizes speech intelligibility. Simply put, it makes sure your message is heard with power & clarity. It even minimizes handling noise & feedback with a precision-designed capsule mount & cardioid polar pattern.

Exceptional All-Around Performance

enCORE 100 brings Blue studio sound to any project—from lead and backing vocals, to guitars and drums, voice over & broadcast. And its true-to-life sound reproduction & versatility make enCORE 100 ideal for any venue—from the House of Blues to house of worship

Built to the strictest quality standards, enCORE 100 features stage-ready construction, including a heavy-gauge barrel, reinforced grill with integrated guard ring, and hardened metal-plate finish that ensures your mic will be left standing after ferocious live sets and brutal tour schedules.

* Hand-tuned capsule delivers renowned Blue studio sound
* Perfect for vocals, instruments and more
* Reinforced construction with heavy-duty metal-plated finish
* Includes microphone clip, additional mic grille and storage pouch