Chameleon Labs 581 500 Series Microphone Preamplifier

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The 581 is a 500 series, discrete, Class ‘AB’ mic preamp module with an extraordinary sonic signature never before obtained at this price level.

Its clarity and incredibly solid low end is reminiscent of renowned classic designs. Rich, warm, and musical, the 581 provides detailed results.


* Discrete Class AB Circuit

* API® 500 series compatible card

* Powered by CPS-501 Powered Chassis or any 500 series compatible power supply

* Fully balanced transformer mic input which can be upgraded to a vintage style Carnhill® unit

* Transformer balanced output

* 300 Ohms or 1.2K Ohms mic input selector

* 48VDC phantom power selector

* Hi-Z Direct Input for instruments on the front panel

* Output level control functions as a fader when going straight to D.A.W. or tape

* LED illuminated push buttons for visual confirmation

* LED Metering (Power, Signal, +4dB, Peak)