Dizengoff Audio Type 124 Varimu Compressor

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Introducing the Type 124 varimu compressor.  The Type 124 is based on an iconic mid 1960's studio piece--a modified Altec 436 compressor The Recording  Engineering  Development Department developed this design as a for use in recording studios instead of broadcast environment.

Famed for its use on a number of recordings, the Type 124 works well on a variety of sources, including program material!

Although the original modified design altered features of the original Altec 436, I've added a few touches to keep it in line with modern studio needs, and to take advantage of in-house technological developments.  I've added stepped input and output trim to enhance usability in the studio.  Attack times range from 5ms, which is relatively fast for a varimu compressor, on up to 45ms.  Release times are 250ms on up to a full 1.5 seconds!  Ratio settings range from 2:1 on up to 8:1. 

The 'link' feature is especially cool--it uses a modern approach to create a low-impedance control drive stage.  In non-geek talk, that means the link feature behaves like modern solid state compressors instead of an older, vintage design that has 'link' in name only.  In other words, the link feature actually works!

Signal path transformers are hand wound, right here in-house, using oversized cores.  They’re based on Peerless/Altec transformers, but add our unique chambering approach for enhanced transient response.  The input transformer is a hi-nickel (80% nickel content) and the output transformer uses a grain-oriented M6 core for excellent fidelity.

The power supply is internal.  It’s built around a Japanese Nippo Steel R-core power transformer.  It has extremely high efficiency and low noise compared with traditional E-I core transformers and plays a significant part in achieving the Type 124’s low noise performance.


  • 2U G10 modern copper/polymer enclosure and aluminum front panel

  • IEC power inlet with 120 or 240vac selectable setting

  • XLR input and output

  • fully stepped controls

  • input and output trim

  • ratio settings from 2:1 to 8:1

  • modern, functional link feature


  • Frequency response 20Hz-40kHz

  • S/N -90dBA at maximum