DrAlienSmith Capsule8 Figure 8 Dynamic Microphone

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The  latest microphone from DrAlienSmith is the Capsule8, a figure 8 dynamic microphone featuring a 300 ohm 50mm headphone driver as it's capsule. Big low end with rich mid frequency detail, perfect for mic'ing toms as well as kick drum and bass amps.

The DrAlienSmith Capsule8 is a figure 8 dynamic microphone designed for low frequency sources that also need to have a focused mid range to fit easily into a mix. It's tonal characteristics and convenient size make it perfect for capturing floor toms, rack toms, kick drums and bass amps.

 The Capsule8 features a 300 ohm 50mm headphone driver as a capsule. These capsules pick up sound in a figure 8 polar pattern, and like some ribbon microphones, the rear of the mic sounds different to the front. The front side of the Capsule8 has a brighter characteristic while the rear side has a darker tone. This gives the Capsule8 two distinctive voices.

While taking a some design inspiration from the classic Beyer M380 (which also used a headphone driver), the Capsule8 is definitely not intended to be a clone or a remake, it has a very distinct sound all of its own

The Capsule 8 is a dynamic microphone and is unaffected by phantom power. It comes with its own microphone bag and holder.