DrAlienSmith DirtMic-01 Distortion FX mic

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Introducing the DirtMic-01, a new approach to overdriving and distorting sounds. It’s the ultimate character microphone, but instead of the usual lo-fi or vintage sound, we’ve created a monster by installing a distortion pedal circuit into the Superlux D112.


The DirtMic circuit has been designed to run off 48v phantom power and it's transformer balanced so it works by plugging the microphone straight into any mixer or interface via the XLR connector. No need for batteries, extra pedals, DI boxes or guitar amps.


The DirtMic-01 proudly distorts and contorts everything you point it at. The amount of gain is controlled by the ‘pre-gain’ volume pot on the mic itself. Turn the gain right up to capture big dirty flavors from any source or try lower settings for a more subtle sound.


This mic has been designed for the studio but there has been interest in using it for live performance too. Live distortion causes feedback so we can't guarantee that it will work but if you have a smart sound person, a quiet stage and you keep the gain low, then it might work.


The DirtMic-01 comes standard with a mic stand clip, a protective mic pouch, a manual and its covered by a 12 month repair or replace guarantee.