Electro-Voice RE 20 Dynamic Microphone

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A broadcast industry standard, the Electro-Voice RE20 is a cardioid dynamic microphone that delivers reliable, low-noise performance with exceptional clarity and definition.

The RE20 is the voice-over mic used by pros for years. The RE20 is smooth across a wide spectrum of frequencies, & because it's a Continuously Variable-D mic, it's virtually free of bass-boosting "proximity effect" when used close. An easy "bass tilt down" switch corrects spectrum balance for use in longreach situations or other bass attenuation applications, making it great for acoustic & electric bass & kick drum.

The RE20 is a professional quality dynamic cardioid microphone created specially for recording, broadcast & sound reinforcement applications requiring essentially flat response over a very wide frequency range. The wide frequency response, coupled with excellent transient response, makes the RE20 easily comparable to the finest condenser cardioid microphones, however, the RE20 is virtually free of bass-boosting proximity effect when used close, because in design it is a Continuously Variable-D microphone. An easily operated bass tilt down switch corrects spectrum balance for use in longreach situations, or other applications where bass attenuation is needed.

The exceptional performance of the RE20 is achieved by using a large Acoustalloy diaphragm in combination with an exceptionally low-mass aluminum voice coil. Using this diaphragm assembly, the RE20 is capable of reproducing extremely high sound pressure levels with no fear of the overload

The bass-boosting proximity effect common to most directional microphones when used close, is eliminated in the RE20. This is accomplished via the application of the EV-exclusive Variable-D technology thus the RE20 can be located very close to sound sources without a loss in clarity or definition making the RE20 ideal for tight vocals and challenging instruments. It can be used inside bass drums, on acoustic guitars, and is found in voice booths & broadcasting studios everywhere.


* Variable-D® for minimal proximity effect
* True cardioid with no coloration at 180-degrees off-axis
* Voice tailored frequency response
* Studio condenser-like performance
* Large diaphragm
* Humbucking coil
* Bass roll-off switch