Gainlab Audio Govenor Dual Slope Valve Optical Compressor

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GLA-OP1 The Governor is an vacuum tube-based optical compressor that, – thanks to its dual slope design – employing two threshold points, provides the ability to maintain control over dynamic conditions. Its direct predecessor can be considered the dynamic control that used in the Bishop All-Tube Channel Strip, which, despite providing only a small portion of Bishop’s functionality, has become a notable institution in its own right.

The Governor is capable of operating in dual mono and stereo modes, with detailed parameterization. It allows for precise control over most dynamic processing operations commonly encountered in audio processing workflows. Due to its electron tube-based transformer output design, it can produce the tube boost effect known from the Empress Equalizer. Based on user feedbacks, we have made it optionally configurable with full-spectrum and high-frequency boost options. The device now includes a side-chain filter option and is prepared to receive external side-chain signals. Notably, the indicator design has been highlighted, providing a much more informative display compared to the classic VU meter solution, offering users a more accurate picture of the signal state changes, and the compressor’s two break points can be set much more intuitively with its assistance.

What is a dual slope compressor?

In the case of The Governor, dual slope design means that after the compressor’s threshold point, another threshold point can be set. Beyond this point, the compressor’s transmission curve becomes much steeper, and the compressor starts operating with a much higher compression ratio. In practice, it’s like applying multi-stage dynamic control. The first threshold would set a smaller ratio, softer knee compressor, and the second threshold would set a larger ratio, harder knee compressor. All of this within a single device, causing the timing of the two compression phases to interact with each other. As a result, the sound of The Governor can be very flexibly shaped and it can remains enjoyable even with extreme settings, ranging from classic levelers to the sound of modern optical compressors and even to the aggressiveness not heard before from an optical compressors.

Applications :

  • Bus Compressor

  • Mastering Compressor

  • Tracking Compressor

  • Recording Compressor


  • Valve optical compressor

  • Dual slope Design

  • Side-chain filter

  • External side-chain reception

  • Transformer Output

  • Comprehensive meter section

  • Stereo and dual mono operation