JDK Audio V 10 500 Series Mic Pre Amp and DI

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The JDK Audio V10 is a single channel professional grade microphone preamp, designed from the ground up by API Engineers to offer a versatile and high quality input for microphones as well as instruments. The V10 conforms to API's 500 Series format and is a member of API's VPR Alliance.

The unit features both a mic and an instrument input, with switchable phantom power, phase, and pad. Metering is a multi-segmented LED with peak indication.


• Mic Preamplifier offers 54 dB of gain

• Concise LED metering for monitoring output level

• Front panel, high-impedance instrument input with 45 dB of gain

• Pad switch attenuates the microphone signal by 20 dB, or the instrument signal by 10 dB

• Switchable 48v Phantom Power

• Low distortion, low noise circuitry

• Fully balanced output Like JDK's R20, the V10 provides premium analog microphone pre-amplification designed to provide a low noise, solid front end for all audio applications.

Meticulously detailed and solidly constructed, the V10 features hands-on analog control of the gain level. Individual toggle switches control the selection of 48v, polarity, pad and a mic/instrument switch. And since it's designed and built by API engineers, you know your studio can rely on the JDK V10 single-channel mic preamp.