Joe Meek gbQ Distortion & Meequalizer Pedal

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The "GB" part of the name stands for "Guitar and Bass" but it could also be read as "Great British" since - like all the other JOEMEEK products - the pedals were dreamed up in the Devonshire home of pre-eminent audio designer Allan Bradford: "I started off as a kid building analogue synthesisers back in the 70s and those were all about giving people endless combinations of sounds to play with.

I also made guitar amplifiers and effects pedals for myself and friends, when we were all playing in bands, so really with the gbQ I am revitalising a lot of those old ideas." The starting point for the gbQ was the legendary ‘Meequalizer’ EQ. Three swept frequency bands with guitar-friendly ranges presented in a format with which guitarists should feel comfortable?like that of a graphic equalizer complete with faders. Unlike a graphic, however, the sweepable peaking response allows precise tuning to frequencies of interest.

The gbQ also has the same FET preamp as the floorQ and much more. The Distortion Generator section creates combinations of both odd and even harmonics, allowing an enormous range of effects to be produced, from the sublime like overdriven tubes, to the bizarre like hollow bedsprings. The circuit which produces the even-order, musically sonant harmonics, can even be tuned to particular strings on the guitar, while a unique Structure control further modifies the sound by altering the phase relationship between the original note and the added harmonics.

The ‘Meequalizer’ can be switched to come either before or after the Distortion section. Three sensibly-spaced footswitches allow independent selection of Distortion, EQ or both. On the back of the pedal, separate Send and Return sockets allow a floorQ or other pedal to be inserted into the signal path of the gbQ, while a Headphone socket and an adjustable, balanced XLR D.I. output complete the impressive features this flagship product.

One final, very useful feature of both the floorQ and gbQ is that from a power perspective they will run from just about any supply. “We sell the pedals with our standard 12V AC wall wart but you can plug in anything with a standard power connector, that gives anywhere from 9V to 18V - AC or DC; the Meek pedals don't care, so you can use whatever supply you have on your pedal board for running all your other pedals”


* Hi-Impedance FET Class-A Preamp with up to 20dB of gain

* Odd and Even Harmonic Distortion or Clean Enhancement

* Unique "Structure" control for even more tone shaping

* 3-band swept MeEQualizer - pre or post distortion

* Master Volume * Overall Bypass switch

* Send and Return

* DI Output with Earth Lift

* Headphone Output