Lindell Audio WL-3 500 Series Channel Strip

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The Lindell Audio WL-3 is an analog console channel strip in a 500-series form factor. It gives you everthing you need for handling a single channel, either on the way in or during the mix.

Designed by renowned engineer Paul Wolff, the WL-3 offers a transformer-coupled mic and line input, a transformer-coupled ouptut, a three-band EQ, and compression complete with selectable parallel processing. The EQ sports a high-pass filter at 80 Hz, and while the high and low shelves are set, the midrange frequency band can be swept for a greater degree of control. Compression is accomplished in three knobs: Compression, Makeup Gain, and Blend for parallel processing.

Transformers are supplied by Carnhill, a revered name in components. 65 dB of gain are on hand for the mic input. The fader gives you a 60mm throw. Use the phantom power switch for condenser mic, flip the polarity, and link the unit for stereo operation with any separately-available WL-3.

* Microphone input with over 65 dB of gain
* Transformers made in England by Carnhill
* VCA compressor with Compression ratio, Threshold, Make Up, and Mix knob for instant parallel compression
* 10 kHz cut/boost (±10 dB)
* Sweepable mid band (900 Hz to 5 kHz, ±10 dB)
* Low 100 Hz cut/boost (±10 dB)
* 60mm high quality fader
* 48V Phantom power
* Polarity-reverse switch