Locomotive Audio Z Car Passive DI & Amp-Up in One Box

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Capture your performance now, audition on any pedal or amp later.

The all new Locomotive ZCAR is simple. Connect any instrument to your favorite mic preamp and record. Then, send the recorded signal to your pedal chain or amp of choice - all from one box!


With ZCAR's mu-metal shielded transformer, the 1/4" jacks and XLR jacks are isolated from one another. This provides proper input and output impedances on each side, so that you can focus more on performance and less on technical requirements. And since the ZCAR is passive, no power source is necessary. Just plug and play, anywhere!

A little history: Impedance in audio is denoted by the letter Z. And in the Locomotive “Z” CAR, our high-quality transformer ensures the appropriate impedances are available on each side of the signal chain.