Looptrotter Audio Satur8/24 Summing Mixer

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LOOPTROTTER SATUR-8/24 is a unique Discrete Class A, 24 channel summing mixer with 8 channels of analog, solid state saturation modules. The design refers to the sound of old tube mixing consoles and tape recorders from the 1960’s.

The summing module is an originally designed combination of operational amplifiers and both, active and passive voltage summing. The mixed signal is amplified by a transistor preamplifier operating in pure Discrete Class A. Additionally, the summing circuit is fitted with the “Magic” module, which warms up and opens the whole mix, giving it a vivid, analog feel. This feature is very desired in modern production which is dominated by digitally generated sounds. SATUR-8/24 is very versatile and creative tool for processing of tracks, subgroups and the entire mix.

Saturation circuit, inspired by old tape recorders and analog consoles, smoothes signal peaks and adds low order harmonics. It also works as a soft limiter, allowing to process sources with higher RMS level, without distortion, sounding neat, detailed and crisp. DRIVE controls the signal input level and the depth of the saturation giving ear friendly distortion and audibly higher RMS level (Loudness). Orange and red LED METER indicates the amount of added harmonics, above 4% and 8% THD.

The Looptrotter Satur 8/24 utilizes balanced XLR connections for Monitor and Main Output, balanced TRS for Insert input and Output and DB25 for the channel input/output. The unit may not only be used as a summing mixer but also as a 8 channel saturator for processing stems, track groups or the whole mix, thanks to direct output from 1-8 saturation modules.