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The Pro Co iFace Portable Audio Player Interface is a device that allows simple and reliable connection of the stereo headphone outputs audio devices such as MP3 players, Apple® iPods, laptop computers, and consumer-type CD and DVD players to the balanced microphone inputs of audio mixing consoles.

The iFace provides both a stereo mini 3.5 mm (1/8”) and recessed left/right RCA phono inputs for easy connection with standard patch cables and a mono switch to provide passive input summing to a dual mono output feed where required. The outputs are isolated via audiophile-grade Pro Co MBT-1 Microphone Bridging Transformers and appear on standard 3-pin XLR male connectors.

The transformers offer wide bandwidth and low distortion and phase shift, and are magnetically shielded in mu-metal cans and electrostatically isolated with dual Faraday shields. The result is near-ideal rejection of interference from all sources of RFI and EMI, including radio pickup, SCR dimmers and 60 Hz hum.

The GROUND LIFT switch allows correct grounding for either AC or battery-powered sources, eliminating hum and buzz from ground loops between portable and house equipment. The “Uni-Box” enclosure is formed of extruded aluminum side channels and 16-gauge steel top, bottom and end plates, designed to protect switches and connectors from accidental damage while also providing magnetic shielding for the circuitry. Industrial-grade connectors and switches provide trouble-free reliability.


* Properly interfaces consumer-grade portable audio players and laptop computers to professional sound systems

* Stereo mini (1/8") input jack and individual RCA left and right input jacks provided

* Transformer-isolated XLR male output jacks provided

* Mono switch sums inputs to create a true stereo output or a mono output feed from either XLR connector

* Rugged Pro Co Uni-Box Construction Provides Protection and Shieldin