Royer Labs dBooster2 Dual In-Line Signal Booster & DI

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The dBooster2 is two channels of everything our original dBooster is, PLUS both channels double as high-quality, super clean Di’s for electric guitars and bass! Both channels are fully independent so you can plug in two mics at once or use both channels for DI’s, or mix them up; one side for a mic and the other for DI.

With microphones plugged in, the dBooster2 lets you switch between 12 dB and 20 dB of gain. When using the dBooster2’s DI inputs, you can select 0 dB (unity) gain, or switch to 8 dB of gain if you need more level.

In mic mode, the 20 dB setting gives loads of clean boost for recording softer instruments and singers. For higher volume instruments or loud singers, switch to the 12 dB setting to keep from overloading your preamp or digital interface.

The dBooster2’s dual Class A input stages give crystal clean gain with virtually no noise or self-distortion.

The dBooster2’s low-impedance output gives optimal performance in the studio and also shines on live stages, driving long cable lengths and difficult loads like mic splitters and vintage-style preamps with no distortion, no loss of gain, and excellent headroom.

The dBooster2 gives outstanding performance with Royer R-121s, R-10s and stereo SF-12s, and it brings SM7s and other dynamic mics to life in a way you have to hear to believe.

The dBooster2 is built in the USA.