S&M Audio EQSM1 500 Series EQ

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he S&M Audio EQSM1 is a single channel 500 Series equalizer based on the circuitry of the Trident 80B console equalizer.

As audio engineers, we wanted to create an EQ that was more than just functional. The EQSM1 is the kind of intuitive, responsive tool that engineers crave. We think the EQSM1 is an EQ you'll love to rely on.

The EQSM1 features a first-order, 50Hz high pass filter that has a very gradual slope, perfect for removing unwanted low frequency content. The high and low shelves are set at specific, effective frequencies and become quite dramatic with large boosts or cuts. The EQSM1's continuously variable mid bands have a wide bandwidth and slightly overlapping frequencies. This gives users the ability to go from gentle to extreme shaping with ease. In addition, a true bypass “In” switch, allows for accurate comparison between the original signal and the equalized signal. Based on the popular "500" series format, the EQSM1 is compatible with any rack manufactured using this format.


  • High freq shelf 8k/12k
  • High mid continuously variable peak 1k-15k
  • Low mid continuously variable peak 100Hz-1.5k
  • Low freq shelf 60/120Hz
  • High pass first order 50Hz
  • 50ma current draw per module
  • True bypass