Schoeps Mikrofone CMD 42 Digital Microphone Amplifier

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The CMD 42 is the new digital microphone amplifier from SCHOEPS. It transfers the signal from the microphone capsule directly into the digital domain.

The detailed manual explains all the features and provides practical tips for use.

Like the SuperCMIT, the CMD 42 uses the AES42 interface. The download area lists a selection of current equipment that has this interface. In principle, however, a small power supply at an AES3 input may be sufficient, since the CMD 42 can be controlled via a no-cost smartphone app.

The CMD 42 is not intended to replace analog microphones. Rather, it is meant for applications in which its special features offer distinct added value:

  • Immunity to interference: The digital output resists any interference in the cable
  • Dynamic range: No analog level-setting is required; the full dynamic range of the capsule is transferred into the digital realm
  • High resolution: Sampling rates up to 192 kHz and extended frequency range for the microphone capsule beyond 40 kHz ("xt" functionality)
  • Unrivaled, low inherent noise in the ultrasonic range, particularly suitable for down-pitching in sound design
  • DSP: Extensive signal processing is available directly within the microphone, including among other routines:
    • Limiter
    • Mono Upmix to Stereo
    • Numerous EQ curves
  • Remote app: Easy control setting via smartphone (acoustically, without wireless technology)
  • Two-channel output: can deliver both a processed and an unprocessed signal simultaneously as a backup or cloned or stereo signal
  • Flexible function indicator via integrated, multicolor LED