Stedman Pure Connect Cleaner Kit - PK-2 Pro Kit

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The PK-2 connector cleaning kit is the professional way to keep all studio and stage connectors reliable and free from noise and sounding the way they should. The components included are all enclosed in this sturdy hinged reusable poly case.

This kit includes two machined aluminum handles that will hold both the included 1/4" and 1/10" Microfelt tips. The PK-2 has 25 1/4” Microfelt tips for cleaning female 1/4” jacks as well as male XLR pins, and 50 1/10” tips for cleaning female XLR connectors.

Also included are 15 - 1 3/4" cotton cleaning pads for cleaning 1/4" plugs and two 2 ml tubes of DeoxIT cleaning fluid. This kit is the ideal product to keep all 1/4" and XLR male and female connectors working like new.