Tegeler Audio MythEQ 500 Series Equalizer

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The Tegeler MythEQ is a 500 Series EQ using state-of-the-art components to deliver incredibly precise boost and cuts and crystal-clear sound.

The MythEQ boasts four bands covering the entire frequency spectrum with both low and high-shelf bands and two-mid bell bands designed to bring the best out of the highest-quality film capacitors to deliver powerful gain and sharp attenuation. Each band includes control for frequency and gain/cut, all with stepped controls for precision setting and recall.

The MythEQ 500 is extremely flexible. It can be used on almost any source, such as guitars or vocals requiring a beautiful push in the range, bass guitars needing more low frequencies without sounding muddy, or percussions that need a little extra punch or simply need reigning in. With two modules, it is also possible to use them on mix or master buses without changing the tonal relationship; just bring out more of what you want.

  • Active equalizer with high-quality film capacitors
  • In- and output transformers
  • Stepped potentiometers
  • One bypass switch
  • Frequency range: 20Hz – 22kHz
  • Max. gain level: +15dB
  • Max. attenuation level: -15dB
  • High shelf: 3kH – 10kHz
  • High-mid bell: 1kHz – 16kHz
Low-mid bell: 60Hz – 1kHz