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Icicle EQualizer is a powerful 4-band monoparametric equalizer. A versatile tool fit for every situation.
Icicle Equalizer is your ally for surgically removing any annoying frequency or increasing a region.

Edit without limits!
With Icicle Equalizer you can choose between our cleanest sound, or a more coloured sound with the OOMPH!

Clean sound:
Ultra-clear and clean sound, perfect for equalizing voices, guitars or strings.

OOMPH! sound:
Perfect to add a special colour to your tracks, from the characteristic grain of tape recording, to higher levels of distortion giving a unique personality to your drums and basses.

Benefit from the OOMPH! feature
Icicle Equalizer is empowered to add extra analog color thanks to Germanium Diodes distortion.
OOMPH! will grant your sound with the harmonic’s excitation from a slightly soft distortion to an agressive one. Perfect for all those situations where you are looking for that kind of rich and warm sound.

Broaden your voices
Sure enough, you have envied the broadened voices of your favorite mixes a million times.
Icicle Equalizer comes with a treble filter that reaches up to 29,4kHz.
Therefore, you will be able to enhance your voices’ glow up to the maximum, adding a sense of broadness and proximity.
Want better results? Try the treble bandwidth with a lowered Q to reduce the annoying frequencies and control de Harsh effect.

Down to the last detail
Icicle Equalizer fits perfectly those situations where some annoying frequencies arise, either due to an acoustic space resonance, to the instrument construction, or because of the presence of certain frequency registries unneeded in the final mix.
To get rid of them, we suggest choosing a small Q and increasing that frequency range gain. Search for the said frequency adjusting the FREQUENCY knob until noticing it intensifies. Beware of keeping your monitor’s volume not too high.
Once found, decrease the gain to the minimum and… Voilà! The frequency will vanish.

Boost your FX
Do not leave your delivery channels untreated. The reverb channel often contains unnecessary frequencies that soil the final sound. Icicle Equalizer is ideal for these situations.
Try removing the effects’ low-end or even eliciting a different sensation by creatively emphasizing different ranges of frequencies.

Stereo recording and mixing!
Icicle Equalizer was conceived to meet the needs of the most demanding recording engineers, offering an incredibly clean response in each of its four EQ bands, perfect for recording vocals and instruments, in addition to its now famous germanium distortion that provides fully configurable harmonic content that enriches the sound with a deeply musical THD.

But what about stereo recordings? As professionals using Icicle in their recording chain have been squeezing its capabilities, they have realized its tremendous potential not only in the classical mono recording stage, but also in stereo recordings of guitars or pianos, as well as in the mixing and mastering stages.

That’s why, from now on, we provide you with a set of perfectly calibrated Icicle Equalizers so that you can work in a stereo environment with the same level of precision in both channels.

This calibration process involves the manual selection of electronic components to achieve, by measuring their tolerances, perfect pairs that ensure that each frequency band behaves in the same way in each of the Icicle EQs.

Similarly, for the germanium distortion of the OOMPH! potentiometer, diodes are manually selected to provide the same level of distortion at each of their harmonic contribution levels.

Like all our products, this calibration and matching process is done by hand, in Madrid, by our engineering team. For this, it is necessary to manufacture from scratch both units as if they were one. That is to say, it is not a process that can be carried out later with units manufactured separately.

Now you can enjoy the sonic surgery on your mixes and stereo recordings.


Handmade with ❤️ in Madrid
In order to guarantee the correct electron flux of the analog signal, we put together the finest “through hole” components, instead of robotically assembled miniaturized components. In this way we reduce to the minimum the electronic friction to enhance the thermal response of the equipment and avoid background noises.

Triad Magnetics® transformer
Every Icicle Equalizer is equipped with an original Triad Magnetics® transformer to nurture the power stage, thus providing a more stable, precise, and lasting result, that does not generate any type of noise

VU meters
Each Icicle Equalizer also contains one excellent VU meter so that you can accurately control the gain levels of the analog signal.

Gold plated connectors
When speaking about true ProAudio, all the links of the recording chain are fundamental. Gold plated connectors guarantee the best connectivity, and a total absence of contact noise as well. A real piece of jewelry in your hands.

Made of pure cherry wood
A picture is worth a thousand words. So, we wanted to ensure that you will know that your Icicle Equalizer has the makings of a champion only by looking at it. Finished with a warm and resistant natural cherry wood paneling, from sustainable forests, we ensure better thermal insulation and surprising aesthetics. Technology and art in a superb symbiosis.

Light and robust
By building our products in aluminum, we ensure the highest durability, lightness, corrosion resistance, and thermal insulation. Besides all this, aluminum is an easily recyclable metal that always retains its properties, avoiding indiscriminate exploitation. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Cardboard packaging
The cardboard packaging in which we ship our equipment comes from recycled sources and is FSC certified. They are light and resistant, protecting the equipment from impacts during transport, thanks to the air chamber system that keeps the equipment in suspension. With this change, we use fewer raw materials and resources, and we can source locally. You can take it everywhere with you thanks to its handle, keep it to store your equipment, or recycle it.

Branded by fire
We want you to use your Icicle Equalizer intensively for decades. That is the reason why the frontal and back panels are laser engraved, avoiding deletion or damage of the screen printing over metal or wood, through time.

Certified Authenticity and Quality
With your Icicle Equalizer, you will get a Certificate of Authenticity and Quality, sealed and signed by hand, that contains the results of the technical measurements conducted over the equipment during our extensive quality control. Thoroughness, transparency, and a 5-years warranty.

One device, one tree
Not only do we create the best products, but we also care about the environment. Therefore, we commit ourselves to plant a tree in exchange for each sold device. You may visit it whenever you want!

Technical specifications

*Line output
Maximum output: +26 dBu.
* Frequency response
-0.3 dB at 20 Hz, -0,3 dB at 20 kHz.
* Harmonic distortion (THD)
Less than 0,0009% at +4 dBu output in the range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
* Gain level
From +50 dB.
* Background noise (Noise floor)
Less than 102 dBu.
* Signal to noise ratio (SNR)
100 dB, 20 Hz – 20 kHz at +4 dBu output.
* Frequencies
LF: 30 to 655 Hz; -12 to 12 dB
LMF: 190 Hz to 2.7 kHz; -12 to 12 dB
LHF: 790 Hz to 18.5 kHz; -12 to 12 dB
HF: 1 to 20 kHz; – 12 to 12 dB
* Power source
Two configurable voltage source settings on the back panel: 1) 110 V AC 60 Hz and 2) 220 V AC 50 Hz.
* Operating temperature range
Between 32º and 104º Fahrenheit (between 0º and 40º Celsius).
* Power source fuse
500 mA