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IO-S6 is an accessory specifically designed to add I/O connectivity to the rear of AVID S6 consoles, allowing the addition of monitors, microphones, or other devices when used with other Triad-Orbit products.

IO-S6 opens creative options for your Avid S6 console. IO-S6 connects to the rear of the console on the mounting frame and provides IO (In/out)  connectivity to add your favorite accessories, such as: Speakers, cameras, microphones, laptops, sheet music. Pair with the following Triad-Orbit products; IO-A1A or IOA2A and M2 for camera mounting, IO-A2A and OM boom for microphones, IO-Desk for laptops, notes, sheet music. IO-S6 enhances your workflow by providing accessories quickly and easily with a simple click.