Trident Audio Developments 80B 500 Series EQ

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The Series 80B 500 Series EQ incorporates a classic four band equaliser which is identical to that employed in the Trident Series 80 console  that defined the "British EQ" signature sound.

It consists of frequency switchable high and low pass shelving sections, coupled with two swept low and high mid range bands and a switchable 50Hz, 12dB per octave filter. Both swept midranges have been carefully chosen for maximum effect on music programme and a good degree of overlap is provided.



  • 1 slot 500-series Four Band EQ
  • Legendary EQ design for 500-series format 
  • Sweepable Mid Bands 
  • Lo Freq can be switched between 60 and 120Hz 
  • Hi Freq switchable between 8 and 12KHz 
  • Lo Mid sweepable from 100 to 1.5KHz 
  • Hi Mid sweepable from 1 to 15KHz 
  • 50Hz Hi Pass Switch 
  • Peak Overload LED 
  • Bypass Switch