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The V34C “LOLLI” is a removable multi-pattern large-diaphragm capsule head. Vanguard Audio Labs started with our custom-voiced 34mm 3-micron capsule. We then suspended it an aircraft-grade aluminum chassis which is carefully vented and radiused to minimize standing wave resonances. The LOLLI will fit on any microphone with M21x0.5 threading.

Lovingly crafted by experts, it is made to fit a variety of small-diaphragm “pencil” microphones from several manufacturers. With the V34C, you can convert your instrument mic into a large-diaphragm, multi-pattern recording tool in seconds.

Vanguard Audio Labs designed the Lolli around our proprietary custom-voiced dual-diaphragm capsule we use in our V44S and V13 microphones. The capsule is voiced for warm, full lows, a precise and detailed midrange, and buttery-smooth high end, a combination of hallmarks from yesteryear’s iconic microphones. The ultra-thin, edge-terminated diaphragms result in incredible sensitivity and detail.

The switch on the top of the V34C capsule allows the user to switch between cardioid and omnidirectional, making your microphone even more versatile.

The Lolli is truly a professional, world-class microphone capsule, and will make a pencil condenser into an incredibly useful studio tool

At Vanguard Audio Labs, we aim to be very different from other brands in our price range. The V34C is designed and precision-built in limited quantities to “no-compromise” standards.

The V34C Lolli houses an extra-large 34mm edge-terminated, gold-sputtered 3µm Mylar dual-capsule assembly which is custom-voiced with a proprietary hand-tuning process. We then place it in a shockmount saddle nestled in a retro-aesthetic chassis, which is CNC-machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminum billets. Open-weave mesh, carefully radiused interior, and precision-machined venting prevent standing reflections and allow for an “open-air” voicing. We engineered the V34C Lolli head to spin 360 degrees while mounted on our V1 microphone, allowing for quick Y-axis positioning adjustments with no futzing around with mic stands.

The aircraft-grade aluminum housing harkens back to the classic broadcast microphones of yesteryear. Both grills can be aligned either vertically or horizontally simply by removing two screws. The gold grill mesh denotes the front side of the capsule, while the black chrome grill mesh marks the rear side.

The V34C was designed by a team of experts with more than 65 years of experience and vetted by world-famous award-winning engineers and producers.


* Custom-voiced, edge-terminated 34mm dual-capsule assembly with 3µm gold-sputtered Mylar diaphragms
* 2 polar patterns (selectable at top)
* PTFE-Insulated circuitry
* Frame CNC-machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminum
* Custom-cast capsule suspension saddle
* Open-weave grill mesh for low internal reflections and “open-air” voicing
* 6 radiused side vents to prevent internal reflections
* Laser-etched logo & text
* Polished nickel trim
* 100% Quality Control
* 5-Year Warranty